Coyote Two Moon

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(This page is as simple as feasible, to convey just enough tease to search deeper. We'll grow a smidgen later to reflect logistics planning help, maybe results, maybe nothing (w/ email traffic as default).  Oh, golly, we don't follow the popular script...)

Yes, under a full moon, Wed-Fri, Oct 4-6, 100M and 100K challenges on the nation's best mountain bike single track of Kingdom Trails (check out the #ECRT video as first view) during peak Leaf Peepers season in the Kingdom.  Normal Coyote lunacy on display, on both sides of the Aid Station table, pre-/mid-/post-miles.  Provided you've completed a 50M if expecting to do the 100K, or completed a 100K if expecting to do the 100M, you may get the chance to add your own name as contributor to our lunacy...

Colors of Fall

This is the Right Coast presentation, on Kingdom Trails dirt, of Coyote Lunacy previously held in Ojai, CA betwixt 2008-2011 (and unofficially in '12), tho, gee, this change of scenery's gonna mess with some heads!! Google that goofiness rather than rely on this page for "fair representation" of the experience. 

Staggered Start in batches (slowest to fastest), with intent that all runners cross the Finish over 4 hour span Friday morning.  Your Start Group assignment will be influenced by your Ultra records found elsewhere, UltraSignup and RealEndurance, without much negotiation on Start time once our crack(ed) numbers committee shuffles data around.  For example, if you run W$100 in under 20 hours, you may not start until Thursday morning.  Difficulty of navigating the routes will pad available hours to improve your odds of finding the Finish before 8AM's cutoff on Friday.

Event support structure will look less than the '08-'11's Two Moon renditions and more like '12's, meaning, potentially, you'll think you're rogaining more than following methodically flagged trails (tops, we'll flag maybe a half dozen notably confusing intersections while you roam on roughly 70 differently named trails), with aid stations sparsely (tho strategically) located to check on your progress.  Unlike CA trails with distant views prevalent over most of the course, you'll very infrequently have visual orientation on the Kingdom Trails beyond the trees within 100 feet of your feet.  And while you'll be provided a "cheat sheet" with proximate distances between trail junctions to help you navigate the routes, the opportunity to divert onto unplanned trails even in daylight (e.g., White School = Bermuda Triangle of confusion-rich navigation) will challenge not just your mental alertness but the chances of even finding the finish line within the designated 4 hour window.  

For reasons associated with challenging navigation, anyone unfamiliar with the Kingdom Trails network and/or otherwise directionally challenged when not navigating roads, would buttress their success by (1) co-opting one or two other heads for the long haul, on premise that one mind alone is more dangerous than a couple more added to the conversation (if nothing else, should both / all (insert number here) of you get lost, you'll still be enjoying each other's company; the good news on this point is that you're unlikely to roam too far before hitting a civil mind and welcome help); or (2) picking the App(s) for your phone, plus the attendant recharging devices to insure use of the App for all those miles, that allow you to download the trail network and track your progress along the designed routes (google your options vs relying on my dinosaur brain); or (3) both the above and/or other navigational assistance -- but not a drone!! -- that in combination improve your opportunity to find the Finish, preferably w/in the anticipated 4 hour window Friday morning.

Your entry pays for abnormal but competent Coyote Ultra infrastructure, Hospitality (meals + Patagonia apparel + other goodies (in bag and earned; some valuable, most not so much)), awards (buckle fer Finishers), and contribution to Vols' goodies. Price tag swings between $175-$290 depending on Moon Phase you elect (which you'll find on the application once you request it).

Schedule: Wed afternoon late lunch + Check-In; Wed eve thru Thu late afternoon, Start Groups tackle the course; Fri morning 9'ish, breakfast and "awards" ceremony.

Oh, and access made only via written Application -- I'm an old phart w/ old school orientation -- so send email to buffoon (at) for the App. Entries close when we reach 100 or Sept 1st, whichever first appears outside the Coyote's hole...

Coyote Moon