Coyote Two Moon - Movin' Back to Left Coast Country!!

Why, yes, it HAS been a while since posting here; perhaps all the page visits since announcements via a diff FB page finally aggregated enough to spur an update.  C2M as an official event will soon fall under the trail tutelage of  C2M graduate Spritz's PCTR (, with some excitement for same cluttered under the PCTR FB page (hunt deep into the posts to see some chatter).  You won't yet see C2M show under their Event Calendar listing, but sources close to the brain trust indicate a roll out next year, likely somewhere a few hills inland from C2M's original grueler slopes behind Ojai.  Go ahead, search for Spritz's teasing hints - surely you're adept enough to unearth enough news to reel you into the game without being dependent on TwoMoon Buffoon's withering brain synapses... and maybe after Spritz unloads more titillating details, some of it may be repeated here (or not, but probably, maybe, who knows?)...

CoyoteTwoMoon Buckle
Your reward for surviving/enjoying a full moon twice?

Why fret over paying too much to get too little from an event that advertises strongly but doesn't quite deliver the value you'd expect for your money on the line?

In 2018, we're hosting one version on the Kingdom Trails on Tue-Thur, 5/29-31.  This particular rendition will be a Paws de Deux experience, translated as entry will be by Partners only (no solos, tho pairs can enjoin for a larger pack).  Logistics of support will depend on how many Partner groups come to play.  Entry fee will follow costs of support, pre-/post-pain feeds, buckle, and apparel (see below), with total cost likely to hover near $75 w/o the apparel.  And unlike below, you'll have to suffer the experience of the Buffoon functioning as RD.  Oh, well...  Go read Patrick's report on 2017's KT C2M effort, to improve the tease of coming to roam the spectacular single track of Kingdom Trails for a couple moons' worth of miles...

This C2M buckle can be yours if (a) you design a trail (not track, not more than 15% road) 100M route that (b) you tackle when the moon is full (includes night before, night of, night after... not less than 80% waxing/waning), which (c) you can interpret that you'll start at or after moonrise and continue until you've covered those challenging 100 miles (for most folks, into that 2nd moon, maybe you into the 3rd...?).  When you submit (1) photo proof of start 'n finish and at least 3 shots somewhere along the route (bonus for shots of crew in support), along with (2) your report of your adventure in not more than 7 paragraphs of 200 words or less/paragraph and (3) $25 cash, I'll pop your buckle in the mail to you and you can continue to regale your friends/family/pets on your C2M exploits... and join the ranks of those who've enjoyed the dirt under two bright moons!!  It's that simple... and you get to pat yourself on the back for being such a competent RD, too!!

Your results, report and pix will be posted on this website.  You'll surely post your own results on your own social media platform(s) and expand/embellish beyond what you submit.  Not likely that UltraSignup or its cousins would necessarily show your results, given the unique nature of your endeavor (those platforms record "real" events w/ more than single entries).

Because you're in dual role of RD and entrant, you're in total control of your own safety, nourishment, logistics... (here it comes) and liability for injury.  Since this end is merely the dispenser of good cheer for a challenge tackled, Coyote Cohorts has no legal standing wrt your wellbeing in preparation for, during or immediately following your trail time.  Yay!! no waiver to sign, unless you care to craft one for yourself (entertainment value?).

Patagonia has graciously offered to provide a stitchable jacket, should you wish to improve your wardrobe and otherwise strut your stuff where strutting will land oooh's 'n aaah's.  You'll choose your jacket, anticipating discounted value appreciably below retail, then we'll acquire, stitch and send to you.  Beyond cost to acquire, you can anticipate another $25-$30 for shipping & stitching costs, to include your name (or nickname, if you're willing for me to assign you one (no, you can't have "Buffoon")).  Bonus stitching to recognize anyone who tackles the specific C2M Ojai ridge route.  For economy of ordering, we may purchase jackets  in batches not more frequently than quarterly, maybe just semi-annually, depending on how many Finishes are recorded within a reasonable period of time.  Ya know you'll want one...

C2M Jkt back




C2M Jkt front


Coyote Two Moon's magical* years of '08-'11 can't (ought not?) be repeated.  We had great fortune in having (1) precursor years of C4P to build a vibrant Coyote community, both locally based in Ventura County to logistically stage our lunacy (JABOYS morphed into Coyote Cohorts), and geographically dispersed to represent those who sought the oddity that was FourPlay (some of whom doubled as support crews once C2M dropped on the calendar); (2) spectacular trails in the Santa Monica Mountains and behind Ojai that made course design an RD's dream, both for runner challenge/pleasure and logistics efficiency; (3) land management entities that mostly welcomed our use of the trails under their purview; and (4) those 3 components coalescing, despite Nature's regular bombardment of weather challenges, to offer an adventure on (and off) dirt that had no equal.  (* "Magic" is more at spontaneously synchronous moving parts than it is a planned production, tho we needed the latter to give wide berth for what runners were willing to contribute and experience at Two Moon.)  Pictures and videos abound online for those with C2M curiosity... and maybe you'll interject some of your own frivolity into your own personal C2M game plan!

One last qualifier:  if the expression of your hubris has gained you notoriety in the ultra community far in excess of your revealed humility, please don't expect this buckle to add to your collection.

Send an email to buffoon(at) with questions to help clarify your own action plan to earn that nifty buckle...

Coyote Moon