Coyote Scramble Ultras

September 29 - October 1, 2017
Kingdom Trails, East Burke, VT

Updates -- The Players

June 20th - (Happy Birthday, Sheila!!) Bodies loading onto the train as it ambles out of the station, with our First Ten list now in print and those kids racking up BM's for their early commitment.  Note the last 4 hail from west of the Mithithippi, which from this far east, somewhat qualifies us as international even before Buford sends in his "yes, yes, yes, I'll be there!!" confirmation (he misses the donuts?).  Onward to the weekend...

June 10th - (Happy Birthday, Tim!!) For all the cajoling and whining to at least get Scramble-hungry folks to make accommodations reservations for the popular Leeeeeaf Peeeeeper season, and for those hungry for Bonus Miles to throw their entries to the Buffoon, we've slithered up to the point of disclosing those who've committed this far out. List to your right (screen's left) reflects order of entry, with FeatherFoot collecting the largest chunk of available BM's for early entry (10 count, 2 to go...), dispatching her moolah more than a month in front of TwinkleToez. Tho not yet available for display, the Two Moon Players page will show TT's capture of 1st entry there, too, thus padding his BM count by signing up for a full week's worth of dirt abuse... Train has left the station, folks, building steam. All aboard!!