(This page is as simple as feasible, to convey just enough tease to search deeper. We may grow later to reflect logistics planning help, maybe results, maybe nothing (w/ email traffic as default.))

The Right Coast presentation of Coyote Lunacy previously held in Ojai, CA betwixt 2008-2011, tho, gee, this change of scenery's gonna mess with some heads!! Google that goofiness rather than rely on this page for "fair representation" of the experience. (chortle chortle)

Normal Coyote lunacy on display, on both sides of the Aid Station table, pre-/mid-/post-miles.

Staggered Start in batches, with intent that all runners cross the Finish over 4 hour span Friday morning. Your Start Group assignment will be influenced by your Ultra records found elsewhere, UltraSignup and RealEndurance, without much negotiation on Start time once our crack(ed) numbers committee shuffles data around.

Your entry pays for normal Ultra infrastructure, Hospitality (meals + Patagonia apparel + other goodies (in bag and earned; some valuable, most not so much)), awards (buckle fer Finishers), and contribution to Vols' goodies. Price tag swings between $175-$290 depending on Moon Phase you elect.

Schedule: Wed afternoon late lunch + Check-In; Wed eve thru Thu late afternoon, Start Groups tackle the course; Fri morning 9'ish, breakfast and "awards" ceremony.

Oh, and access made only via written Application -- I'm an old phart w/ old school orientation -- so send email to buffoon (at) coyotemoonultras.com for the App. Entries close when we reach 100 or Sept 1st, whichever first appears outside the Coyote's hole...